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Written by Athena Stevens
Finborough Theatre, 2020

Director | Lily McLeish
Design | Anna Reid
Sound | Julian Starr
Light | Anthony Doran
Cast | Athena Stevens, Leigh Quinn

Photos by Nick Rutter

“Director Lily McLeish, designer Anna Reid and sound designer Julian Starr ensure that the 100 minutes has a spikey, surreal Kafkaesque quality.” (Lyn Gardner on Stagedoor)

“Her tricksy storytelling is given a delightfully non-realist staging here from director Lily McLeish and designer Anna Reid.” (The Guardian)

“Lily McLeish creates a dynamic theatrical landscape…McLeish’s unflinching direction highlights that while all may be rosy, compassionate and twee on the outside, there are venomous undercurrents to seemingly innocuous characters and situations.” (DisabilityArtsOnline)

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6 Offie Nominations for:
Best New Play: Scrounger (Offies winner)
Best Lead Performance in a Play: Athena Stevens
Best Supporting Performance in a Play: Leigh Quinn (Offies winner)
Best Lighting Design: Anthony Doran
Best Sound Design: Julian Starr
Best Director: Lily McLeish (Offies Finalist)