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Lily McLeish

Lily McLeish is a British-German director + curator working in theatre, dance, opera, film, video-installation & podcast.
She is the co-founder and artistic director of Fizzy Sherbet, an International theatre platform and podcast for new writing.
She is an associate artist and curator at Galerie Seippel in Cologne, where she curates the Projektraum - a space for interdisciplinary, multimedia work.
Her work is driven by strong visuals, strange angles, unconventional perspectives and surrealism. Most of her work investigates a hybrid form, an exploration into the unknown and has a film element or uses projection as part of the design. 

She most recently made an immersive theatre - video installation The Yellow Wallpaper in the Projektraum of the Galerie Seippel in Cologne.
In 2022 her online theatre series Late Night Staring at High Res Pixels won an OFFIE Award for Best Theatre Online and the London Pub Theatre Award for Online Theatre; in 2021 her audio production of White Tuesday won an international audio fiction award in New York and she was nominated as an OFFIE finalist for Best Director for her production of Scrounger in London.
For the past 10 years she has worked as associate director to Katie Mitchell on productions all over Europe, making over 25 productions including live-cinema productions, operas and plays.

current projects


The Projektraum is a lab space for experimental, multimedia work.  A space to explore new ideas and create interdisciplinary work.

The Fizzy Sherbet Podcast

The Fizzy Sherbet Podcast is an international platform for women writers + directors. Listen to new plays from around the world and conversations with brilliant creative minds. 


 COLLUMINA is an international light art project based in Cologne, Germany. COLLUMINA IV will be on in Autumn 2024.