Lily McLeishdirector + curator


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Written by Athena Stevens
The Park, 2018

Director | Lily McLeish
Design | Anna Reid
Lighting Design | Dan Saggars
Sound Design | Pete Malkin
Fight Director | RC Annie
Cast | Athena Stevens, Jonathan McGuinness

Photographs by Stephen Cummiskey

'A powerful play, punching you in the face with the reality of the daily abuse experienced within society' ★★★★★Fairy Powered Productions

'One of the best pieces of theatre I have seen' ★★★★★Musical Theatre Musings

'A stunning, candid and compelling play that holds your attention throughout.' ★★★★Stage Review

'Schism offers a deeply human and refreshing take on the power play at the heart of our relationships.' ★★★★Theatre-News

'Stevens isn’t afraid to make her audience squirm and her play is all the more powerful for it.' ★★★★RadioTimes