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Written by Josephine Starte
Vault, 2020
Director - Lily McLeish
Light - Anthony Doran
Sound - Julian Starr
Producer - Ameena Hamid
With Janet Henfrey, Doña Croll, Josephine Starte

“In a slick and detailed production, director Lily McLeish doesn’t shy away from the murky depths of Josephine Starte’s writing, and allows all three actors to embrace the raw and messy realities of bereavement.” (The Play’s The Thing UK)

“McLeish has a clear vision for this play, drawing out the symbolism in the text and capturing the heart of the story.” (The Play’s The Thing UK)

“With an excellent set, lighting and sound, the production by Lily McLeish is beautifully nuanced, extremely detailed and quite unusual in the way that it always leads us imperceptibly back to the drowning which is the original principal plot line.” (London Living Large)

“Lily McLeish’s direction gets the very most out of the production. Layering on visual metaphor after visual metaphor, McLeish expertly handles Starte’s script, primarily through the use of water: the stage is surrounded by full water tanks, in which are kept all the props; their usage means the stage becomes soaked, serving as a subtle reminder of how the young man’s disappearance still permeates into the characters’ mind.” (A Younger Theatre)

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