Lily McLeishdirector + curator

a colder water than here

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Written by Matt Jones
Vaults, 2017

Director | Lily McLeish
Installation | Detlef Hartung  for Hartung | Trenz
Sound | Max Pappenheim
Light | Anthony Doran
Cast | Daphne Alexander, Siu-see Hung, Zed Josef, Jennifer Lim, Chandni Mistry, Giorgio Spiegelfeld
Photographs by David Daniel Sentosa

“The [Vaults] underground nooks and alleys lend themselves to tales of escape. Matt Jones’s multilingual “A Colder Water Than Here” imagines the experience of people on the move. Five characters, their hands stained from fruit-picking, remember the assaults of people-smugglers and look back on escaping over water, the punch of the cold driving the air from their lungs. On the brick walls around them are illuminated columns of words in English, German, Arabic, Chinese. They ripple like waves.” - Susannah Clapp for the Guardian

“Were you to judge it by the first five minutes alone, you'd class A Colder Water Than Here more as art than theatre.  A stunning site-specific opening plays with concepts of speech and writing – perfect imagery for a multi-lingual production, with communication as a central theme.  Spread across the exposed brickwork of the vaulted space, we see a swirling constellation of brightly-lit words and letters, while actors recite lyrical fragments drawn from many tongues.” - Richard Stamp for Fringe Guru

“disarming but beautiful, dominated by its specially designed light installation by German artists Hartung & Trenz which played with words and language(s) in a hypnotically beautiful way, its stories of immigration and aspiration, of hard lives escaped only to find hard labour, weaving a deeply fascination tale of a certain kind of hope that it feels imperative we don't ever forget.” - There Ought To Be Clowns Blogspot